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STUDIO BORGES is a full service interior design firm specializing in artful, creative environments that beautifully reflect their inhabitants.  


With a career spanning over 15 years as an interior designer, Thiara Borges Dananberg founded Studio Borges with the driving principle that great design exists at the intersection of livable function and joyful storytelling.  


   The most beautiful homes are a celebration of the people living in them.


Thiara takes an honest and detail-focused approach to design. With a method centered on research, the foundation of each space is the  homeowner's lifestyle needs, influences and inspirations.  


During the collaboration process, expert space planning is the canvas for layers of one-of-a-kind  finishes, furnishings and details, creating spaces that are truly unique to each family.  


Whether it's a new build, renovation or smaller decorative refresh, Studio Borges comes equipped with organization, technical skill and a creative approach to guide the homeowner through the entire process. 


Throughout her career, Thiara has successfully collaborated with architects, builders and families to successfully complete projects of varying sizes all over New England.